UTLITE Corrosion Profiling, Corrosion Mapping and Weld Flaw Detection

  • Manual Ultrasonic scanning system
  • B / C / TO FD scan capability
  • Full data recording
  • Dry-coupled probes
Key Features:
  • Ability to perform 360˚ in service corrosion profiling on 50 mm minimum diameter pipes
  • Ability to perform in service corrosion mapping of API 570 TML on 300 mm minimum diameter pipes
  • CSV data export
  • Higher POD than conventional UT thickness gauging
  • Quantitative inspection at a low cost price
  • Permanently stored data for recall to assist with RLA & RBI trend forecasting
  • Use on material thickness up to 50 mm
  • No couplant or paint removal required for UT B and C scan
  • Can be used on stainless steel and composite materials
  • Field proven durability & reliability
R-Scan Lite
UT Type
5 MHz Dry coupled
UT Type
5 MHz Dry coupled
ToFD Lite
UT Type
5Mhz and 10Mhz

R-Scan Software

UT B-scan view
B-scan view
UT proofile view
B-scan profile view
Report markers
Reporting markers view

ThetaScan Software

Ultrasonic setup
Gates and Delay Setup
Heads up view
Headup view
Zoom view of C-scan
Zoom view

ToFD Software

UT inspection details
Inspection Details
Scan view
Scan view
Zoomed view
Zoom view

The Silverwing UT Lite family consists of a R-Scan Lite, ThetaScan and Tofd manual scanners, an ultrasonic pulser/receiver and dedicated acquisition and analysis software. This combination provides the capability to perform corrosion profiling, corrosion mapping and weld flaw detection.

Both the R-Scan Lite and ThetaScan systems utilise Silverwing’s unique dry coupled ultrasonic wheel probe which eliminates the requirement for couplant, so there is no time wasted applying and removing as with other UT systems.

R-Scan manual UT scanner
ThetaScan manual corrosion mapping scanner
T0FD weld inspection

R-Scan Lite

The R-Scan is a manual, dry coupled B-scan ultrasonic scanner which can be used on a wide variety of components ranging from 50mm diameter pipe up to a flat surface.

The R-Scan continuously records ultrasonic thickness measurements as the scanning head is moved over the inspection surface. The recorded UT thickness information is presented as an A-scan trace, a digital thickness measurement and a B-scan thickness profile. Inspection results can be viewed in real time in the field or recalled for post inspection analysis at a later date.


The ThetaScan is a cost effective, portable manual ultrasonic C-scan imaging system which has been developed to carry out corrosion mapping on ferrous flat plate and curved surfaces with a diameter of 300 mm or greater.

Like the R-Scan, the Thetascan utilises Silverwing’s dry coupled wheel probe which completely eliminates the need for a water supply allowing the system to be used in even the most remote locations.

The ThetaScan records thickness measurements as the scanning head is moved over the inspection surface, this information is then presented as an A-scan trace, a digital thickness measurement and a C-scan image. Inspection results can be viewed in real time or recalled for post inspection analysis at a later date.

ToFD Lite

The ToFD Lite is a low cost portable single channel ToFD imaging system designed to inspect simple butt weld joints. Full data capture for traceability and post analysis can reduce the amount of onsite conventional radiography, whilst providing improved detection and sizing over basic A-scan flaw detectors.

The system incorporates H and A frames to cover a range of weld thickness and applications. Both frames are extremely user friendly and easy on the hand, using a single axis encoder design. 5Mhz and 10Mhz ToFD transducers are supplied with 45, 60 and 70 degree interchangeable wedges.

Typical applications include tank wall plate welds and small piping.

UT Lite Software

There are 3 variants of the UT Lite software for use with each of the scanners. Common design elements include ultrasonic controls similar to a standard flaw detector so a trained ultrasonic operator can quickly become familiar with all functions and a wizard takes the operator through each stage of the set-up in a logical sequence. During a scan, ultrasonic and encoder data is combined to show a real-time A-scan trace, digital thickness measurements, and the relevant B, C or ToFD scan. The software features several powerful data review, reporting and printing tools and saved data can be replayed at any time. Ease of export of waveforms and thickness data to other programmes enables further processing.

R-scan Lite Software

The R-scan software displays an A-scan profile combined with a B-scan profile or amplitude B-scans. An adjustable reporting threshold indicator can be displayed over the B-scan profile to identify reportable defects at a glance and allow rapid evaluation of the complete scan. The B-scan can be exported to CSV format for further processing.

Thetascan software

The Thetascan software displays live A-scan and the C-scan images. The easy to use defect sizing tools help with analysis. Recorded C-scan images can be imported directly into Windows software packages such as Word or Excel. The scan resolution is selectable to enable quick large area scans, then adjusted to give fine resolution detail as required.

ToFD Lite Software

The ToFD software shows an active A-scan display and the D-scan image and also features several measurement tools such as lateral wave, back wall, thickness, depth, height and length for accurate measurement of recorded scans.

Technical Specification
R-Scan Lite
Length 122 mm (4.8”) Width 65 mm (2.5”) Height 54 mm (2.1”)
TWP25 5 MHz Dry Coupled wheel probe
Cable 2 metre (6.5 feet)
Length 110 mm (4.3”) Width 87 mm (3.4”) Height 50 mm (2”)
TWP25 5 MHz Dry Coupled wheel probe
Max Scan Area
550 mm (21.7”) radius 1800 swing
ToFD Lite
H-Frame: Length 260 mm (10.2”) Width 80 mm (3”) Height 50 mm (2”)
A-Frame: Length 45.5 mm (1.7”) Width 20 mm (0.7”) Height 90 mm (3.5”)
5 MHz and 10 MHz non composite crystal probes
Supplied with 45, 60 and 70 degree angled wedges
UT400 - Ultrasonic Module
-400 Volt Spike
Receiver gain
0 – 80 dB in 1 dB steps
Wideband (0.5 – 2 MHz)
1.5 – 3.5 MHz
3.5 – 7.0 MHz
6.5 – 12 MHz
Sample rate
50 MHz
Transducer range
1.0 MHz – 15 MHz
Transducer mode
Single or dual via software
Computer interface
USB 2.0
Encoder – 25 way D type socket
UT – 2 x BNC (Tx & Rx)
Data – IP68 USB ‘B’
Length 260 mm (10.2”) Width 160 (6.3”) mm Height 60 mm (2.4”)
1.8 Kg (3lb)
Battery / charger
11 hours operation from fully charged/ 1.5 hours fast charge from flat

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