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Third Generation Guided Wave Pipe Screening System

GUL’s Wavemaker Pipe Screening System sets the standard for guided wave testing and is now specifically named in many end-user guided wave inspection procedures.

The system uses low frequency guided ultrasonic waves to inspect tens of meters of pipe from a single remote location. The ability of this system to send waves along the length of the pipe means that very difficult to inspect areas, such as road crossings, can be interrogated from a remote and easily accessible location. The inspection can usually be performed while the pipe is in service.

Inflatable Ring
Key Features
Cross sectional area loss displays
Detailed diagnostic information
Integrated database of previous results
Interface to GPS receivers
Wavemaker G3
Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) has improved upon their successful Wavemaker SE16 pipe screening system. Feedback from users has focussed improvements that enhance performance for the guided wave screening of pipes. Some of the areas of improvement include:

Wavemaker G3 achieves better range and sensitivity compared to the previous Wavemaker SE16 instrument, especially in the most challenging applications such as testing in noisy environments (for example offshore) and testing coated pipes (for example road crossings). This is due to substantial improvements in sampling resolution and filtering together with an additional high voltage output capability.

The Wavemaker Pipe Screening System uses low frequency guided ultrasonic waves that propagate along the pipe wall and is designed for rapid screening of long lengths of pipe to detect external or internal corrosion as well as axial and circumferential cracking. This is composed of three primary components, the transducer ring, the Wavemaker G3 instrument, and the controlling computer.  All aspects of the system, such as electronics, software, probes and clamping arrangements are designed and manufactured in-house.

Click the video below for an example of Guided Wave propagation in a pipe with a defective weld.

The transducer rings use mechanical or pneumatic pressure to dry couple piezoelectric transducer elements to the pipe being inspected. Transducers attached to the pipe send waves tens of metres along the pipe wall and the returning echoes indicate defects and other features. Therefore long lengths of pipe are examined from one location which allows difficult to inspect areas, such as roadways, to be screened with ease. Minimal preparation before the test is required.

Access on short length of pipe on 360 degrees
Minimal cleaning (remove insulating material, thick coating and loose paint/flaking corrosion at test locations)
No couplant required

Wavemaker Module
Wavemaker G3 results
Solid Ring
Wavemaker G3 in operation
New features in the electronics provide better system reliablilty, direct data storage within the instrument, and improved connectivity.

The new WaveProG3 software, based on the proven WavePro algorithms, offers new straight-forward analysis options and automatic routines that greatly improve productivity and the quality of the presented results. These improvements make the equipment more user-friendly.
The Wavemaker G3 is designed to be compatible with all testing tools previously designed by GUL. It offers, however, more channels and new options for future planned developments.
The Wavemaker G3 comes with the powerful WaveProG3 software, which integrates data collection, analysis, and reporting in one user-friendly package. Advanced analysis tools dramatically increase sensitivity while simultaneously reducing false calls and increasing productivity. These analysis tools include:

Detection of mode converted signals
Dynamic frequency sweeping
Automatic ring detection and configuration
Interface to GPS receivers
Sophisticated DAC prediction
Cross sectional area loss displays
'Unrolled pipe' display
Detailed diagnostic information
Easy feature marking
Integrated database of previous results

Abbreviated G3 Technical Specification

Number of Transducer Channels 32 Screen 240x128 EL Display
Maximum number of averages 256 Communication protocol USB (Mass Storage)
Maximum sample range 640ms (approx 950m) Supported Op. Systems Window 2000, XP
Receiving gain range 10-120 dB Expandability Built in USB Host
G3 Weight 8 kg Capacitance check 0.1 nF accuracy on all channels
G3 Dimensions 44x14x40cm Weight of 3 inch ring (complete) 6 kg
Run time on one battery charge 10 hours typical use Weight of 24 inch ring (complete) 15 kg

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Repair/Calibration Technician

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